Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What material is used in metal art?

Ans: Iron is used in metal art.


2. How is the metal art shipped?

Ans: The metal art is wrapped in the box and couriered.


3. How the metal art is packed?

Ans: The metal art is wrapped in a bubble sheet, then covered with thermocol sheets, and packed into a box.


4. What is the thickness of the iron sheet?

Ans: Two thicknesses of sheets are used, 28 gauge (0.37 mm) & 24 gauge (0.51 mm).


5. What paint is used in metal art?

Ans: Once the structure is ready the base coat of powder coating is done followed by the spray paint.


6. What manufacturing process is followed?

Ans: The process:

  1. Cut an iron sheet with a blade into desired shapes (print kept over the sheet).
  2. It is further processed with etching and punching.
  3. The iron pieces are joined using gas welding.
  4. The metal structure is coated with powder coating followed by spray paint.
  5.  The final layer of a solution containing thinner, lacquer, and glossy powder mixed together is used for finishing.


7. Does metal art catch rust?

Ans: No, it doesn't catch rust because of the chemical treatment we perform.


8. Does paint gets fade?

Ans: It doesn't get fade for 5 years if properly taken care of.


9. Is it delivered to PAN India and what is the delivery time?

Ans: Yes, it is delivered to PAN India and it takes 7-10 working to be delivered.


10. Are there any hidden costs?

Ans: No, the exact quoted price has to be paid, shipping and GST charges are included.


11. What resolution is provided if a damaged/broken product is received?

Ans: In such cases, you can request a return and the replacement of the same product will be initiated as soon as we receive the complaint.


12. Do you offer customizations?

Ans: Yes, we do offer customization. You can send us your design or choose from our options.


13. Do you provide installations?

Ans: Hooks are provided for hanging. You can use screws to hang the metal art.


14. How to clean the metal art?

Ans: Use dry cotton cloth for cleaning in general and occasionally you can use a wet cloth as well.