Whether you want paintings to add a cherry on top of your walls or you have well-thought-out themes where art is already a core element of your space, we are here to break the dilemma. Placing paintings in restaurants demonstrate that you are serious about providing guests with a total sensory experience. The aesthetics enhance customers' experience and make their visit more memorable. With the increasing popularity of food art, it has become a great source of customer attraction.

Art Decor Inspiration for Different Places

Gone are the days when restaurants and cafes were strictly considered places to have a meal. Today, they are an expression of reviving ideas and a place to showcase one's creativity through art. With various spaces running themes ranging from traditional to modern and everything in between; it's time to modify the interior by embellishing it with art.

Art as an Embellishment

From one large show stopper mural to several small canvas collage paintings; mix and match to find your right fit. Experiment with bold abstract colors or keep it subtle with modern works or add a touch of tradition with some tribal art paintings. Painting’ as a theme: Cafes and restaurants are places where not just food but art is also served. It's a place where you can coordinate various themes and colors and have fun with different paintings. Let's say you have a minimalist theme going on with subtle wall colors then our line art paintings will blend perfectly with this theme.

Art as a Theme

If you want to open a art-themed restaurant or cafe, the artwork will be a critical part. The decoration style should coordinate with your art theme. Whether you prefer abstract style, rustic style or industrial style, we can paint it for you.

Completed Projects

Chinese Restaurant
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Youth Themed Restaurant
Industrial Restaurant
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Retro Western Restaurant
Photography Themed Cafe
Modern Western Restaurant